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Responsive Web Design

Design and creation of Responsive Websites which means they automatically resize so they are suitable for all screen sizes. From large desktop computers & iMacs down to mobile phones.

Hosting & Domains

Tintanet can arrange Hosting that's suitable for all our websites.

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Web support is included in the monthly payment terms. So you never have to worry. Any problem and we're here to help.

Site Logo

Design and creation of a Logo and a Favicon for your new website.

What's included

Facebook Feed

Your site visitors can see what you're doing on Facebook. Includes a LIKE button and a message button. Facebook page is required.

Instagram Profile

Your site visitors can see what you're doing on Instagram. Shows all your images with links. Instagram profile is required.

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Ready to Purchase?

Prefer a Ready-made, ready-to-go website?

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Highly Recommended - Priced separately

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Maintenance & Back-ups

Websites crash all the time!
To be safe, you can get a weekly site-check to make sure everything on your site is working correctly.
Plus a monthly full-site back-up so should anything happen you have an up-to-date version of your site to be re-loaded.

* Only available with Hosting from Tintanet.

Site Up-dates

Does your site change weekly or monthly? You can arrange for us to be always on-hand and ready to make changes as and when you need them.
Pay weekly or monthly according to the amount of work you require.

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