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Top 7 Questions to ask a Web Designer before Hiring

Here are the top 7 questions to ask a designer like me and why you want to know the answers!

1.  Can you show me examples of the work you have done as a freelance web designer?

Asking for examples or to see their web design portfolio will allow you to determine if their work is of a high enough calibre for your company.

2.  How will my website be managed in the longer term?

You need to know if you’ll be tied into any longer-term management contract or if (preferably) you will be able to manage your website yourself. Being able to manage your website yourself, means lower cost in the long run.

3.  What platform do you build websites on – will there be added costs?

Knowing what platform your website will be built on will give you an idea of any hidden costs, annual subscriptions etc.

4.  How many projects do you work on at a time?

We all like to be number 1 when it comes to working with a business partner, I don’t work on more than two projects at a time, so when you work with me – you know you’ll get loads of personal attention and your project will remain my focus.

5.  How busy is your project board at the moment?

Asking this question will allow you (the client) to determine how “in demand” the freelancer is and when your project might reach the top of the project board.

6.  What possible holdups could there be in delivering my website on time?

By understanding the potential pitfalls a project can suffer, you can put procedures in place to ensure that they don’t happen.

7.  If things don’t work out – will I own my website outright (can I take it with me)?

This is an essential question – often freelance web designers come and go, you don’t want your website to disappear with them. Always choose a freelance web designer that’s been in the business for several years and ensure that you get all the passwords and access codes for your site once it is complete.

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