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Here are the sizes of the adverts.
Available in both static & animated.

Medium Rectangle (300×250)

This ad format supports both display / text ads, and it can also be used on mobile layouts. The best part about this ad size is that it’s easy to fit in the sidebar or inside the content area without annoying users.

That’s why this ad format gets a larger ad inventory which means more and better paying ads for your site. Since it’s perfectly-sized for in-content ads, it is also reported to have the best CTR for most websites.


Static Advert


Animated Advert

The Leaderboard (728×90)

The leaderboard is a traditional banner ad size that is perfect for website header. It supports both text and image ad formats.

Since the leaderboard is ideal to be placed on top (inside or immediately after the website header), it gets more ads which means better ads for your website. Due to its size and prominent placement, it performs fairly well on most websites.

Large Skyscraper


Static Advert


Animated Advert

Large Mobile Banner (320×100)

Large mobile banner is a mobile ad format, and it is an equivalent of the leaderboard ad format in terms of effectiveness but for mobile devices. Ideally it works best when placed on top just below the header.

Since mobile traffic makes up a good chunk of users for most websites, this ad format gets a better ad inventory.

It can be placed as a less intrusive ad and as an alternate to the medium rectangle ad format.


Static Advert


Animated Advert

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