Passionate & Creative.

After many years dreaming of having a creative job, our Founder took a leap of faith in her abilities and learned a new skill and so she could break-out on her own.  She’s now spent over 5 years studying WordPress and what people like and dislike about different styles of websites whilst working as a Freelance Web Designer.

We can build you an extraordinary and extensive website that’s easy to use and modern and will expand your business globally plus it will all be built on the secure and stable WordPress Platform.

Why use Tintanet?

We don’t just create static websites and then abandon you!  We offer after-care packs.  Websites can crash for no good reason!  So we offer maintenance/updates and new content packs.  We will regularly check that your site is working properly and also update the WordPress system, theme and plugins and add new content to your site.

We have an extremely wide variety of skills which are perfect to expand your business in a wide and diverse number of ways.

Zoe has been working on computers since 1986 with MSDos and have been using PC and Apple Mac since 1990. She has been designing websites since 2013 and since 2015 she has been building websites using WordPress.org as well as designing graphics for both print and use digital.  She have also created and managed social media and email marketing campaigns.

Throughout her varied working life she has acquired in-depth knowledge and considerable experience in the areas she has worked.  She’s creative, logical and methodical at the same time. She has a predisposition to flexibility and a capacity to adapt to different contexts.

We put a little bit of both our hearts and souls in every design we do.  Although the favourite part of the work is seeing the design come to life, we also love setting up the plugins (mini-systems) so the site can do all the varied and diverse things each client requires.

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Regards,  Zoe.